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Advancing the English language levels of your staff by developing and teaching a curriculum specifically designed for your business. 

English for the Job brings many years of teaching English as a Foreign Language directly to your business. As manager of English for the Job, my most recent endeavor was creating the curriculum for the US Embassy in Cairo, Egypt, where I then taught the various departments and language levels. From gardeners to plumbers, mechanics, and contract officers, I developed a program that catered to each office's needs. Focusing on all aspects of the language (reading, writing, speaking, and listening) in just one year, many students reached a higher level of English evidenced through language assessment which I can also bring to your office.

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Photo by Rawpixel/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Rawpixel/iStock / Getty Images

Packages Available

1-Week Language Program Assessment

This 1-week assessment examines the English language program already in place at post or place of business. It also assesses the current English language needs of the US Embassy/business and gathers current English students’ views of the English language program. At the end of the assessment, English for the Job will create a detailed report of the findings with recommendations for the Embassy/business in order to consider possible next steps for best practices in servicing the locally-employed staff.

1-week Business writing workshop

Even the highest-level English speaking staff benefit from this one-week writing workshop that focuses on the overall structure of writing. We look at writing to get a point across to your audience coupled with understanding cultural nuances. From simple, but important tasks such as e-mails to submitting a final business proposal, we will cover all points in powerful and effective writing.


1 or 2-week language assessment Package

How can you test all of your staff's English language levels at once? In this 1 or 2-week language assessment package, English for the Job will give your staff test-taking strategies for an English assessment. The assessment is provided at the end of the training and will assess your staff's levels from 1-5.

Teacher Training

We offer teacher training workshops focusing on diverse learners. With an introduction or review of Howard Garner’s Multiple Intelligences, teachers learn how to develop their lessons around the various intelligences that will reach all students. Teachers of all subjects can tweak their lessons to reach students who are strong in a variety of areas from the musically intelligent to the kinesthetically intelligent, and from the interpersonal learner to the interpersonal learner. This hands-on workshop is designed for teachers to be able to work on several lesson plans in order to implement immediately.

1-YEAR english language program

The one-year English language program will assess your staff's needs, develop a year-long curriculum for your staff divided into two semesters, followed by a year-end English language assessment for evidence of growth. Anytime during the one-year program, it may become evident that a continued program would be of great benefit to your place of work. Options exist for extending the program to a 5-year English language program.

1-week or 1-month sample pilot program

Maybe you aren’t ready for a long-term commitment. That’s certainly understandable, but we have the solution that is sure to solve that dilemma. English for the Job will come to your place of work for a sample pilot program. We will quickly assess your staff's needs and develop mini-courses for your different offices. From there, you can decide if you would like to commit to a longer program with us or even another vendor.

One language sets you in a corridor for life.
Two languages open every door along the way.
— Frank Smith