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I really appreciate Maryanna’s support to improve my English. I moved from level 2 to 3.
— Talaat Ezzat, US Embassy, Cairo Egypt

When I learned with Maryanna, she always treated us as individuals and as equals. She taught the course comprehensively. She was always trying to get the best out of us. I now have a level 3, and I am very grateful to her.
— Mary Mina, US Embassy security guard, Cairo, Egypt

Undaunted, Maryanna came into the position with very little existing guidelines and created, pretty much from scratch, a new English language program rivaling any I have previously seen.
— Richard Marsh, Supervisor, US Embassy, Cairo, Egypt

Maryanna was so enthusiastic and was super helpful with my early learning career. With her help I am now studying at University of North Dakota for a B.S. Commercial Aviation.
— Yusuke Saiki, student at University of North Dakota, USA

I am so grateful that Maryanna was my first English teacher. I couldn’t say a word or understand any English before I went to her class. I also was very shy, but she always encouraged me to speak and write.
— Lydia Gebremedhin, former student in Virginia
When I first came to the Embassy in Cairo, I had a level 2 in English. But Maryanna helped me so much. Now I have a level 3. Thank you, my teacher!
— Hazem Shoura, US Embassy Cairo Security Guard
Actually, Maryanna’s way of teaching English is fascinating. She conveys the information in a very simple way, and she makes you love the English language because of the professional way she adopts to use to teach English.
— Mahmoud Desouky, US Embassy Security Guard, Cairo, Egypt