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Maryanna Koehring grew up with a love of foreign languages. It was not until her Junior year at Mount Holyoke College when she discovered a love of teaching English as a Foreign Language in France. With experience teaching in France, Japan, Bolivia, Zambia, Egypt, and now Jordan, she has traveled to the ends of the Earth doing what she loves: Getting English language levels up!  

English for the Job is expanding to bring success stories directly to your business. Through assessing your company's needs, to developing a curriculum based on those needs, delivering instruction, and testing through Michigan computer-based tests to assess results, English for the Job takes your business from knowing some English to functioning in English well.



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Maryanna Phillips Koehring

Maryanna Phillips Koehring



Maryanna Koehring graduated from Mount Holyoke College in 1995 and received her Master's in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from the School for International Training in 2000.



Mount Holyoke College
Bachelor of Arts, 1995

The School for International Training
MAT English as a Foreign Language, 2000


• Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme 1995-1998
• Virginia Public School Teacher 1999-2004
• International School of Lusaka, Zambia 2007-2009
• Published Superphonic Bingo
• Higher Education Specialist, USAID Egypt
• English Language Instructor and Curriculum Developer, US Embassy, Egypt
• English Professor, Hussein Technical University, Jordan


Areas of Expertise:

Grammar and Vocabulary

Grammar and vocabulary are not simply components of the English language, they are the building blocks upon which language is formed. Every class will introduce new, relevant vocabulary that your staff will need to improve his or her English. Grammar rules will be introduced or reviewed in order to increase efficiency in reading, writing, and speaking skills.


Reading increases language fluency. English for the Job has an English language library for students to check out and read material of interest. Our instructors encourage students to find reading material that is level-appropriate and interesting. Even if the reading material that the student selects has little or nothing to do with his or her current job, the focus is on increasing the English language level in an enjoyable way. English for the Job uses a program called Accelerated Reading for checking the student level of reading comprehension. Students can check their level of comprehension by taking an online multiple choice test. Students are rewarded but never penalized by answering questions. Students earn points with their reading comprehension, and thus advance to the next level of reading.


It is proven that language is learned best when the instructors create a calm and welcoming environment. The relaxed and community-like feel of the classrooms create a safe environment where all students are welcomed and encouraged to express thoughts and ideas. Classes are structured to have ample opportunity for student interaction. Students are encouraged to speak many times throughout the lesson as lessons are interactive and community-oriented. 


English for the Job prides itself in understanding the foundations of language learning, and learning a language begins with listening. Fun and interactive lessons lend to faster understanding. A strong foundation in listening skills make way for strong communication skills. 


Writing is one of the last components to come together when learning a language. Beginners will develop skills in forming basic sentences, intermediate learners will focus on a well-constructed paragraph, and advanced students will learn how to write a 5-paragraph essay with introduction, body, and conclusion. Near-fluent and fluent students focusing on business writing will fine-tune their business writing skills including writing formal e-mails and reports. 


Language skills are assessed in the beginning with a formal language assessment. Students are placed in the appropriate-level English course and will be re-tested at the end of the 6-month course.

Writing Better Business English   Training at US embassies throughout the world!

Writing Better Business English Training at US embassies throughout the world!