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English Language Instruction and Curriculum Development for Businesses, Embassies, and Corporations.

Areas of Service


Initial Assessment

English for the Job arrives to your business to assess each department's needs. This requires patience and understanding. By meeting with each department head, English for the Job will gain a better understanding of the needs and expectations of the department and company.  Assessment does not stop with the meeting of the department head, but goes further by meeting with prospective students. Prospective students will also be assessed through an online Michigan-based English language test. This will give the needed information to our staff who will place each student in the proper-level class specifically designed for your business. This will also give us a baseline for each student so that we can all see the final results at the end of the course through another Michigan-based test.

Curriculum Development

Learning a foreign language can be difficult, but learning the lingo in your own area of expertise is necessary to help your business thrive. That's why we at English for the Job design a curriculum specifically for the students' areas of expertise. Whether it's English for the administrative assistant or English for the project manager, English for the Job can create a curriculum designed especially for your various offices' needs.

creating a schedule

English for the Job believes that most classes should take place during the work day since learning and improving English language skills is work. Some classes may start an hour before the workday or extend to an hour after work, but English for the Job will work for your business for the whole work day if necessary, and, quite often, beyond. We work to create a schedule that is flexible for your business and best for the students we will be teaching.

registerring students

We at English for the Job believe that communication, thus learning language, happens through relationship. That's why we start building a relationship from the first interaction. Instructors and staff at English for the Job will meet each student during the assessment period and then continue with the students one-on-one during the registration process. We have students fill out a registration form with name, English class desired, and supervisor's signature. By heading up the registration process and getting to know the students, the relaxed and familiar atmosphere for learning a language is already starting to occur.


All instructors at English for the Job believe in experiential learning. Language learning happens through reading, writing, speaking, and listening. English for the Job prides itself on high-quality, licensed, and professional staff with years of experience. We instruct with proven results.


Attendance is vital to learning a language and is not to be taken lightly. Attendance will be recorded, and those students meeting fewer than 80% of the classes will not receive a certificate of completion. These students will also not be allowed to take the final Michigan Language online assessment. Make-up classes are on a case-by-case basis.


Students are expected to participate in class and finish assignments. Homework is to be completed, though we do realize that students may have limited time outside of class to finish assignments. English for the Job will design a program that fits your place of business and your staff. Classes will be challenging, but classes will also be manageable.

weekly assessments

If your business would like weekly assessments on each student, we can accommodate this request. Often times, a weekly assessment is most beneficial to the student so that he or she can understand the progress gained and what else needs to be done in order to achieve the most from the classes.

final assessment

A final assessment is given to each student who completes the course. A Michigan Language Assessment generally can be completed in one hour online. The test will tell the student and instructor how much the student has improved. According to the Global Scale of English or CEFR, students will score at levels A, B1, B2, C1, or C2 equivalent to the US Foreign Service Institute's levels 1-5. After the assessments, English for the Job will give you an idea of overall improvement in language levels for all staff. It will then be up to your business to decide to continue with another session or semester.